puppy-1Q:    Why must my dog/cat have a cement floor? A grassed kennel would be much nicer.

A:    Yes – grass runs are much more appealing, but are not practical for cleaning and disinfecting. A grass run cannot be disinfected or washed. Grassed  exercise areas are provided for  play time.


Q:    Will my dog spend all the time in his kennel? 

A:    No – during the off peak periods all dogs have daily walks in our beautiful park like grounds. During peak periods we cannot promise a walk every day, but it will be as often as possible.


Q:    Why is it so important that my pet has been vaccinated?

A:    Vaccinations prevent diseases being spread. In a kennel situation, where animals are kept in close proximity disease would spread very quickly. It is for your pets protection that we will not accept any unvaccinated pets at our kennel. Please see our  requirements page for the vaccinations your pets needs.


Q:    Will my pet be groomed while at the kennels?

A:    All pets are brushed regularly and when required will be bathed prior to going home. Grooming and clipping can be done at our on site grooming facility by prior arrangement and at an additional cost.